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a dinner series benefitting new arrival refugee families resettling in Los Angeles

Welcome, neighbor! Join us for a 4-part dinner series benefitting Miry’s List, a nonprofit organization serving families resettling in CA.

Second Dinner – Sunday, March 31st , 2019 @ 7pm

Spread Mediterranean Kitchen, 334 S. Main Street, 90013

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Simon Majumdar is a world-renowned broadcaster, food writer, speaker, author and cook who has dedicated the second half of his time on this planet to fulfill his ambition to “Go Everywhere, Eat Everything.” It is a journey that has taken him to all fifty states and to dozens of countries around the world. He is currently the restaurant critic for Time Out Los Angeles and has written hundreds of articles for such outlets as The Guardian, Foodnetwork.com, The Times of London and Sauté Magazine.

He has also written three books: “Eat My Globe” (2009), “Eating for Britain” (2011), and his latest book, “Fed, White and Blue” (2015), catalogs his journey to American citizenship. Simon is also a well-recognized television personality, regularly appearing on shows such as Iron Chef America, Cutthroat Kitchen, Beat Bobby Flay, Cooks Vs Cons, The Next Iron Chef (Food Network), The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Food Network and Cooking Channel), and EAT: The Story of Food (Nat Geo).

The second season of his new food history podcast, "Eat My Globe: Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Food," produced in cooperation with the UCLA Department of History, will premiere on April 1, 2019.


The Kashefi family arrived March 2017 from Afghanistan when their daughter was 2 and Naseema was 6 weeks pregnant. Bashir served as an interpreter for the US military in Afghanistan, and for that reason his family was granted SIV (Special Immigration Visas) which is a type of refugee who served our military in Iraq or Afghanistan. Bashir works as a security guard and they reside in Orange County.

Naseema is an incredible chef and loves preparing traditional Afghan dishes. Her specialty is Mantu, which can best be described as Afghan wontons, and they are divine! Naseema prepared a staff lunch at CAA in honor of World Refugee Day.

Naseema can't wait to share her cooking with the guests at this dinner and Bashir is so excited to speak with Simon and our guests about their family's experience and how people can help families who are resettling here in Southern California as refugees.

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About this series

Starting on February 14th, Spread Mediterranean Kitchen will host a pop up dinner series in featuring accomplished chef's who will cook a Middle eastern, family style dinner alongside a participant from The New Arrivals Supper Club,

The New Arrivals Supper Club aims is to empower newly settled refugees through opportunities to earn money, meet their new communities and share their culture through food. All proceeds from each dinner will benefit Miry's List